Working directly with key members of local communities, as well as with professionals, academics and students from a range of disciplines, MAP21 Ltd prepares advice and training programmes to help local communities in the setting up of environmental studies for Local Agenda 21, the development of sustainable regenerative design solutions and the use of a range of appropriate computer programs.

MAP21 Ltd works with local people to enable them to set up their own appropriate community-based approach to local sustainable development. Methodologies and training packages can be developed, which are targeted at local environmental issues and take account of the skill and funding resources available locally. For community and volunteer groups, MAP21 Ltd can provide a variety of basic training in relation to sustainable environments:

MAP21 Ltd also prepares interactive presentations for the general public, community groups and university students, as well as for public and private agencies:

Webpage Design for "ecologically sustainable" businesses and organisations and for those involved in health care.


The multi-media presentations address a wide range of issues relating to sustainable environments.

All the presentations are educational and designed to further understanding of specific issues.

The CD-Roms are characterised by:

  • their web-like structure, allowing interactive use
  • user-friendly presentation of information on specific environmental topics, to help those unfamiliar with computers to learn and participate, as well as providing information for the more experienced user.

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If, without any commitment, you would like to discuss the possibility of MAP21 Ltd undertaking training in environmental or IT matters in your community, or the commissioning of CD-Rom or Internet-based productions for your organisation, please click here to describe your interests.

 for instance, in the making of:

Instruction is also available in the use of graphics, other software packages and the use of "mind-mapping" to aid the presentation of a community's findings and ideas.

Click here to describe your training requirements on-line and we will get back to you . Training is only available in English and within Europe, but we are happy to give general advice to others. If you prefer to contact us by post, see the company's address on the Order Form page.

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updated 19 Nov 98