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MAP21 Ltd ceased trading in 2007 it specialised in helping communities to organise and undertake assessments of the Local Potential for Environmentally Sustainable Actions through providing training to volunteers and community groups. It helps communities to develop the expertise to draw up their own Community Environmental Plans and associated Regenerative Design Solutions so that they can gradually enhance Local Environmental Sustainability. It produces educational materials in CD Rom format.

Advice to local communities investigating the local potential for environmentally sustainable action

Support for local communities in developing and presenting their approach to Local Agenda 21

Multi media CD-Roms to help study aspects of the quality of urban life - written for university and professional level study

Community level local Environmental Plans -Stocksbridge Project

The role of suburbia in developing more sustainable cities - a discussion (Anne Beer)

Globalisation- an introduction (Ankie Hoogvelt) linked with her book "Globalisation and the Postcolonial World"


Community Facilities Atlas

Planning sustainable urban environments (Anne Beer)

The European Network on Density and Green Structure

Stocksbridge Local Agenda 21 - two different approaches

by a Community Group

by Sheffield Univ. Landscape Students

Planning for Children's Play in new Housing Areas (Anne Beer)


The domestic garden in the city and sustainability ( Nigel Dunnet)

The Connecticut Riverscape (Barrie Greenbie)

Website Design Service

for "ecologically sustainable" businesses and organisations


Danish Building Research Institute

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