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CVs of members, September 1998

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Karen M.P. Attwell

Ole Michael Jensen

Inger-Lise Saglie

Anne R. Beer

Sjef Langeveld

I.Marleen van den Top

Unn Ellefsen

Björn Malbert

Elisabet Lundgren Alm

Jon Guttu

Signe Irene Nyhuus

Mats Gyllin

Kimmo Lapintie

Jani Paivanen

Karl Lovkvist

Note: more to be added Spring 2000




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Karen M.P. Attwell

Senior Researcher,


Address: P.O. Box 119, DK 2970 Hoersholm, Denmark

Telephone: +45 45 86 55 33, ext. 350


Qualifications: Landscape Architect, cand. hort. (Copenhagen) and M.Sc. (Wisconsin, USA)

Languages: Danish, English (good), German (elementary)

Work experience: Six years of professional practice in a Municipal Parks Department (planning and design); eight years of University employment, including teaching Landscape to American students (DIS Study Program); six years of research employment in the Danish Building Research Institute.

Present Research:

* Urban ecology in planning and management of urban open spaces. The research aims to contribute to the knowledge of and the generation of theories about the potential of urban open space in relation to interaction between urban metabolism, biodiversity and recreation The research includes an analysis of the interaction of the different political, user and other actor groups involved in the planning and management processes.

* Urban ecology as an aspect of public welfare. The need for knowledge about interaction covers environmental management in general as well as specific projects such as the local Agenda 21 work.

Knowledge about interaction processes is expected to become increasingly important in future evaluations of current regeneration projects, which combine social and environmental factors.

The need for knowledge about existing resources is concentrated mainly on assessing urban envinronmental conditions and potential, including nature resources related to urban open spaces. Urban open spaces are seen, therefore, as a limited resource, which relates to urban metabolism as well as to public wellfare.

Previous related research projects:

* Renewal of courtyards as part of urban renewal.

* Renewal of open space in apartment block developments.


Future projects:

* Quality and ecological potential of open spaces in "the inner suburbs".

* Quality and ecological potential of open spaces in low-density housing estates.

* Evaluation of urban regeneration (in co-operation with other project teams).

* Urban utility gardens as part of recycling organic waste locally.


Related publications:

* Om at bygge på byøkologi (To Build on Urban Ecology). Landskab 5, 1989. pg. 111-115.

* An Outline on Theories, Practice and Results from Working with Urban Ecology in Denmark,

(Attwell et al.) Report from an ECE Colloquium: Management and Implementation of Ecological Measures in Human Settlements. Statens Byggeforskningsinstitut, 1992. pg. 9-31.

* The Ecological Potential of Urban Open Space. A response paper, which refers to sub-themes 1 and 2 at the 7th ECE Conference on Urban and Regional Planning Research. In: 7th ECE Conference on Urban and Regional Planning. Ankara 26.6.- 4.7.92. pg. 177-181.

* Byernes grønne struktur i byøkologisk sammenhæng (Urban Green Structure and Urban Ecology). In: Nordiske Storstäders Ekologi. Paper for Con-ference at the University of Århus, 10.- 11., 1992. 5 pg.

* Byøkologi og boligkvalitet (Urban Ecology and Housing Quality). (Attwell et al). Nordisk Minister-råd. København. 1994. (TemaNord 1994-:560). 52 pg.

* Facadebeplantning - en undersøgelse af fordele og ulemper (Climbers and Walls - a Study of Advantages and Disadvantages), (Attwell et al). Boli-gministeriet. Bygge- og Boligstyrelsen, København 1993. 128 pg.

* Plantevækst på facader (Plant growth on facades) (Attwell et al). BYG-ERFA erfaringsblad 94 06 27. Boligministeriet; Byg-gecentrum; Byggeskadefonden; Dansk Teknologisk Institut, DTI; Skafor; Statens Byggeforskningsinstitut. Hørsholm. 1994. 4 pg.

* 14 byhaver. Gårdanlæg i byfornyelsen - form, funktion og oplevelsesværdi (14 Urban Gar-dens. Renewed Courtyards - Form, Function and Recreational Value) (Attwell et al), Boligministeriet.

Bygge- og Boligstyrelsen. København. 1996. 80 pg.

* Stadens gröna rum - i ekologiskt samspel med stadsbyggandet (The Urban Green Space - Interac-tioning With Urban Development). In: Den mil-jövänliga staden - en utopi? Jakalas, I.(red.); Lind, B.(red.). Uni-ver-sity of Göteborg. Institutionen för tillämpad mil-jövetenskap. Göteborg. 1995. pg. 33-39.

* Urban Ecology in Urban Renewal Courtyards. In: Housing Research Conference in Denmark. Hou-sing and European Integration. ENHR conference in Helsingør, Denmark August 26-31, 1996. 16 pg.

* 15 friarealer. Friarealrenovering i etageboligområder (15 Residential Open Spaces. Open Space Renewal in Apartment Block Developments). (Attwell et al), Bolig- og Byministeriet, 1998. 96 pg.

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Anne R. Beer

IT consultant for environmental projects

Professor Emeritus - University of Sheffield

Address: MAP21Ltd, SHEFFIELD 6 - S10 3EX, UK


Qualifications: Geography, Town Planning, Landscape Architecture (BA , MCD, Dip.LA, MRTPI)

Languages: English, Dutch (working knowledge), German (elementary)

Work Experience : 30 years as a town and landscape planner, including 10 years working on the design of new towns. Professor of Landscape Planning, University of Sheffield (& Head of Department for 13 years).

Present research:

* Sustainable Urban Landscapes - environmental planning and design as a means of ensuring effective environmental protection and sustainability at the local level. This research has involved using GIS to record and analyse the potential of the urban landscape - case study Stocksbridge, Sheffield. The project is an experiment in working on environmental issues with a local community.

* The role of existing Suburban Development in generating quick and effective approaches to improving the general environmental sustainability in cities by developing an understanding of the potential inherent in the green-structure, for instance: in the enhancement of biodiversity; in increasing the composting of wastes; in increasing the quantity of shrubs and trees to help the reduction of energy consumption; in increasing the area of unsealed land and using it to enhance local water management.

Previous related research projects:

* Design quality in residential areas

* Planning external environments for children

Some recent related publications:

* Urban greenspace and sustainability, in Sustainable Urban Development: Research and experiments, ed H.van der Vecht et al, Delft University Press, p 69-88. 1994

* Landscape Planning and environmental sustainability, Town Planning Review, 64,4. v-xi. 1993

* Amenity Trees, a European comparison, Environmental Consultancy University of Sheffield Report to DOE, 21pp, 1993.

* Urban Design: the growing influence of environmental psychology, Journal of Environmental Psychology, 11, 359-371, 1992

* Landscape planning for environmental protection in Kiemstedt H. ed., Beiträge zur räumlichen Planung, "The contribution of Landscape Planning to Environmental Protection", Hannover University, 94-102, 1991

* Environmental Planning for Site Development, Spons - Chapman Hall, London, 304pp. 1990 (Second edition in Press 1999)

Computer Aided Learning Programmes authored by A R Beer:

  • An introduction to the Social Aspects of Greenspace Design, 1995
  • Contemporary Housing Design (with & Colquhoun Ian, ), Department of Landscape, University of Sheffield. 1995
  • Planning Sustainable Urban Environments. MAP21Ltd, 1997
  • Planning for Children's Play. MAP21Ltd, 1997
  • The Sheffield Neighbourhood Atlas - north west inner city area. MAP21Ltd 1997
  • The Stocksbridge (a District of Sheffield) Local Information System for Agenda 21. MAP21Ltd - in progress 1998

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Unn Ellefsen

Senior Adviser Landscape Architect


Address: Postbox 8013 Dep. N-0030 OSLO, Norway

Telephone: (with national code):+47 22 245866 (work)


Qualifications: Landscape architect, NLH, 1974

Languages: Norwegian (Scandinavian), English (good), German (working knowledge) and French (elementary)


Work Experience: 24 years as landscape architect and town planner in three different municipalities (Stavanger, Baerum and Roeyken), private institute for society and land use planning, with the last 8 years in the Ministry of Environment in Norway

Present related research projects:

*Density with quality"- co-ordinator for research project, empirical studies of Oslo, Skien and Raaholt

* How to develop political instruments for better land use within the developed areas.

Co-operative project with 3 ministries and 6 municipalities. Contact person at the

national level.


Recent related publication :

* Density with quality- Guidelines in planning within developed area

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Jon Guttu

Senior Researcher Architect


Address: P.O.Box 44, Blindern, N-0313 Oslo, Norway

Telephone: +47 22 95 88 00

Fax: + 47 22 60 77 74

Qualifications: Civil Architect, The Norwegian Institute of Technology 1968

NORDPLAN, Stockholm, Course in Philosphy of Human Science 1992 - 93

Languages: Norwegian (Scandinavian), English (good), German (good)

Work Experience : 29 years, 6 with Norwegian Institute for Urban and Regional Research. Architect, researcher and lecturer.


Current Research Projects:

* Norms in planning - a means to achieve life quality? Empirical study for the Norwegian Research Council. Co-operation with Kine Halvorsen ThorÈn. To be completed next winter.

* Evaluation of a project for better accessibility for disabled. Study for the Minstry of Environment.


Some recent related publications: (The following reports are in Norwegian; they relate to research projects undertaken by a team of researchers in co-operation with a wide range of agencies):

* Centrally situated town dwellings. A survey of residents in seven Norwegian towns. Contract for The Norwegian State Housing Bank NIBR Prosjektrapport 1998:10.

* Centrally situated town dwellings. Project catalogue. Co-operation. Contract for The Norwegian State Housing Bank NIBR Notat 1998:116.

* Densification of housing in Skien, Impacts on the green structure, residential quality and architecture. Co-operation. Contract for Ministry of Environment. NIBR Prosjektrapport 1997:13 & 1997:14.

* Densification with Quality. Building structure and green structure. Guidelines. Co-operation. Contract for Ministry of Environment 1996.

* How do municipalities cope with densification? Contract for Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Labour NIBR. Notat 1995:121.

* Environmental goals for regions - a case study. NIBR Notat 1994:120.

* Environmentally friendly housing. Contract for Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Labour. 1994.

* Sustainable urban development - sure, but how?, in "Planning for a sustainable development", Building Research Council, Sweden - Byggforskningsradet 1993.

* Environmentally sound urban development, Summary of the NAMIT-project.

* Potential for densification and development plans for Borre. Contract for The Ministry of Environment.

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Kimmo Lapintie

Research Director


Address: Yhdyskuntasuunnittelun tutkimus- ja koulutuskeskus

Centre for Urban and Regional Studies

Teknillinen korkeakoulu

Helsinki University of Technology P.O Box 9300, FIN-02015 TKK

Telephone: 358-9-451 4089 or +358-50-584 2710


Qualifications: Doctor of Philosophy in urban planning, architect (SAFA)

Present research projects:

The City and Planning Professions 1997-2000. Funded by the Academy of Finland as part of the Urban Studies research program.

Other related research projects :

Ecopolis. The Ecological City - An Option for the Future? 1993-1996. Funded by the Academy of Finland.

Some recent related publications:

* The 'Natural History' of the City: The Nature of Cities and their History as Criticism. Nordisk Arkitekturforskning - Nordic Journal of Architectural Research, Vol. 7, no. 2, ss. 69-78, 1994

* The Justification of Planning Solutions in Ecological Housing - The Case Study of Viikki in Helsinki. Scandinavian Housing & Planning Research, vol. 13, no. 4, ss. 183-199, 1996.

* Analysing and Evaluating Argumentation in Planning. Environment & Planning B: Planning and Design, vol. 25, ss. 187-204, 1997.

* Paradise Lost. Rationality, Freedom and Ecology in the City. Housing & Enviroment no. 2, The Unit for Research in Housing and the Environment, The University of Tampere, 1996.

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Ole Michael Jensen

Senior Researcher Chartered surveyor, Lic. Agro. Phil.Dr.


Address: P.O. Box 119, DK 2970 Hoersholm, Denmark

Telephone: + 45 45 86 55 33

E-mail: omj@SBI.DK


Chartered surveyer, The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Copenhagen (1976). Ph.D. (lic.). Dissertation on planning and civic participation. (1981). The triennial research training of Nordplan (Nordic Institute for Studies in Urban and Regional Planning. Stockholm) (1989). Doctoral dissertation at Nordplan (1995).

Languages: English, Scandinavian, German (elementary)

Work Experience:

Working at the Urban Planning Dept. of the SBI as a project funded researcher since 1983. Since 1992 in a permanent post as Senior Researcher in the Housing and Urban Planning Division. Project field: Urban Ecology and Sustainability. Research topics: theory of knowledge, planning theory, civic participation, culture and lifestyle studies, local communities, information technology, urban ecology and sustainability.

Present research:

A research project on life style and energy consumption.

A theoretical project about life style and environmental behaviour.

Developing projects on Green accounts for housing estates and for housing in urban renewal.

Previous related research projects:

Refuse handling in different residential (lifestyle) areas.

Theory on urban ecology and sustainability.

Some recent related publications:

* Lokalsamfund, selvforvaltning og fysisk planlægning. (Eng. summery: Self-administration and Physical Planning). Danish Building Research Institute (SBI). SBI-Townplan-ning report 52, Hørsholm 1985.

* Information Technology and Ways of Life, in Danish Experiments - Social Constructions of Technology (eds.: Tarja Cron-nberg, Peter Duelund, Ole Michael Jensen og Lars Qvortrup), The Commit-tee on Tech-nology and Society, The Danish Social Science Research Council, Copenhagen 1991. In co-opera-tion with Kresten Stor-gaard, SBI.

* An Outline on Theories, Practice and Results from Working with Urban Ecology in Denmark. "Introductory paper" to "ECE research colloquium (UN) on manage-ment and implementation of ecological measures in human settlements", 24-26 September 1991. In co-operation with Karen Attwell and Lone Jans-son. Printed in "Management and Implementation of Ecological Measures in Human Settlements", SBI, Hørsholm 1992.

* OIKOS LOGOS, The Fine Art of Household. Printed: In "Management and Implementation of Ecological Mea-sures in Human Settlements", see above.

* Informationsteknololgi, lokal udvikling og livsformer. (Eng. summery: Infor-mation Technology, Local Development and Ways of Life). Danish Building Research Institute, SBI-Townplanning report 61, Hørsholm 1992.

* Red River Valley: geographical studies in the landscape of language. Environ-ment and Planning D: Society and Space, volume 11, 1993, pages 295-301. Also published in: Limits of representation. Farinelli, Franco (red) o.a. München. Europe-an Center of Arts and Management. 1994. p. 57-66.

* Rites of trespassing. In collaboration with Reichert, Dagmar. In: Limits of represen-tation. Farinelli, Franco (red) o.a. München. European Center of Arts and Manage-ment. 1994. s 67-81.

* Ecological building - or just environmentally sound planning. In: Arkitektur DK, number 7 1994. Copenhagen, Arkitektens Forlag, p 353-367. (Ökologisches Bauen - oder nur umweltgerechte Planung. p. 452-456).

* Walls, Projektions of Knowledge. Scandinavian University Press, Boston, Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen 1995.

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Joseph Wilhelmus Maria (Sjef) Langeveld

i.c.: Institute for Forestry and Nature Research (IBN-DLO)



Address: Agricultural Research Department (DLO-NL)

P.O.Box 23, NL-6700 AA, Wageningen, The Netherlands

Telephone: +31.317.477817

Fax: +31.317.424988


Qualifications: Philosophy and Theology, courses in town planning. ecology and planning, Landscape Architect.

Languages: Dutch, English, German, French (working knowledge)


Work experience:

Responsible for the marketing of the Institute (IBN/DLO) as it takes on a new role in the social debate and for the acquisition of funding for the continuity of the organisation.

Using innovative account-management techniques to widen the network of contacts and to promote fund raising. Involved in improving relationships between clients and colleagues at the Institute.

1990 - 1998 Head of Agricultural Research Department (management and administration): research about nature; research on all levels of decisionmaking (policy making, management and realisation, maintenance and use); model developing, ecological strategies, environmentally friendly maintenance approaches, perspectives for the future of the Netherlands using a holistic, ecological and economic approach. Cost-benefits analysis of forest and nature.

1983 - 1990 Director of the Department of Nature and Landscape (part of the environmental department): introduced and implemented new policy (the Greenstructure-plan of Breda) with involvement of local community. Fund raising, management, planning and promoting the "green town" of Breda. Well-established nature conservation policy with strong links with the different Nature groups.

1979 -1983 Head of the Planning Department of the Park and Recreation Department of

the municipality of Breda. Involved design of the new urban area of the Haagse Beemden, developing the Greenstructureplan of Breda, designing the urban green, planning, maintenance and management.

1975 -1978 Assistant in Faculty of Landscape Architecture, Landscape Planning, Urban

Green and Ecology, Technical University Delft: training courses: "ecology of the urban environment".

1970 -1975 Landscape Architect and Regional Planner with OD 205 Delft, architects,

town and country planners and landscape architects: designing new parks, urban greens, living quarters, regional plans, landscape and nature analysis.

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Björn Malbert

Research Leader



Address: Dept. of Urban Design and Planning, Chalmers University of Technology,

S-41296 Gothenburg, Sweden

Telephone: +46 317722438


Qualifications: Master of Architecture, 1972, Licentiate of Technology, 1994, Chalmers University of Technology, Doctor of Philosophy, 1998, Chalmers University of Technology.

Experience: 26 years working as an architect and town planning and researcher in the Department of Urban Design and Planning, Chalmers.

Present research:

* Comprehensive and detailed physical planning practice and related research and development work, mainly for the Swedish Council for Building Research.

* Planning theory and methodology within the theme "Sustainable Urban Development".

Some recent related publications:

* Urban Planning Participation: Linking Practice and Theory, dissertation, Department of Urban Planning and Design, School of Architecture, Chalmers University of Technology, report SACTH 1998:1, Göteborg, ISBN 91-7197-658-2.

* Participatory Approaches to Sustainable Urban Development: Reflections on Practice in Seattle, Vancouver and Waitakere", in Planning Practice and Research Vol. 13, no 2.1998.

* Sustainable Development, a Challenge to Public Planning in Guinchard, C.G. (ed.): SWEDISH PLANNING: Towards Sustainable Development, Gävle: The Swedish Society for Town and Country Planning.

* Innovative Urban Planning Practice - the Vienna Model, SACTH 1994:1 (R), Gothenburg: Chalmers University of Technology, 1994.

* Ecology-based Planning & Construction in Sweden, BFR-report D3:1994.

*Ekologiska utgångspunkter för planering och byggande (see Malbert, [ed.] 1994), BFR-rapport T35:1992.

* To Improve Urban Life - about Policy for Planning and Implementation, Rapporteur paper to the UN/ECE seventh Research Conference in Ankara, June 1992, on the ecological challenge for urban development and urban planning.

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Signe Irene Nyhuus



Address: Center for Development and the Environment (SUM), University of Oslo, P.O. Box 1116 Blindern, 0317 Oslo, Norway

Telephone: +47 228558905

for the period 1999-2000 she can be conntacted at:

Address: Byrådsavdelingen for miljø og samferdsel


0037 Oslo


Qualifications: Chemistry, Bio-resources in Physical Planning, Vegetation Ecology


Languages: Scandinavian languages, English (good), some German


Work experience: Research in the areas of urban ecology, landscape ecology, physical planning, environmental management. Lecturing in environmental management.

Present research:

* Strategies for the use and protection of renewable resources.

* Sustainable Co-operative Housing Society. An ongoing project in Oslo.

Some recent relevant publications in English: (others in Norwegian)

* Bioindicators - a useful tool for monitoring urban areas?

The European City-Sustaining Urban Quality. European Commission DG XI, Ministry of Environment and Energy Spatial Planning Department. Copenhagen, 1995.

* The condition for green structure in municipal planning in Sandefjord, 1965-1995.

MILKOM notat 13/96. Norwegian Research Council. Oslo, 1996.

* The ecology of green spaces within the built-up area of Oslo, in Science and the management of protected areas. pp 87-95.

Elsevier. London.- Nyhuus, S., Bod¯gaar, T. & Glad, T. 1992.

* Densification while preserving quality?.

Sustainable Urban Development: Research and Experiments. Proceedings of a PRO/ECE workshop held in Dordrecht, Holland. Nyhuus, S. & Halvorsen Thoren, A-K. H. 1994

* Conditions for green structure municipal planning 1965-1995. Changes in green structure in four cities.

MILKOMnotat 15/96. Norwegian Research Council. Norwegian inst. for city and regional research. Nyhuus, S. og Thoren, A-K. H. 1996.

* Analysis of landscape and green structure in Valerenga, Oslo.

Planning and Building Department, Municipality of Oslo. Thoren. A-K. H., Nyhuus, S. & Jonassen, H. 1994.

* Analysis of green structure, local climate and air condition in Gamlebyen, Oslo.

The Environmental City Program. The Norwegian Ministry of Environment. ThorËn, A-K. H., Nyhuus, S. & Jonassen, H. 1995.

* Densification of housing in Oslo. Impacts on the green structure, residential quality and architecture. NIBR Report 1997:13. Oslo Guttu, J., Nyhuus, S., Saglie, I-L. & Thoren, A-K.H. 1997.

* Densification of housing in Skien. Impacts on the green structure, residential quality and architecture. NIBR Report 1997:14. Oslo Guttu, J., Nyhuus, S., Saglie, I-L. & Thoren, A-K.H. 1997.

* Green structure in living areas - Qualities and planning strategies. Alborg Universitet, Danmark, Paper 1995.

* Bioindicators - a useful tool for monitoring urban areas?

The European City-Sustaining Urban Quality. European Commission DG XI, Ministry of Environment and Energy Spatial Planning Department. Copenhagen Paper 1995.

* Densification and wildlife: Preserving green qualities in the city of Oslo.

Council of Europe, Bratislava, Slovakia, Paper 1995.

* Green structure and urban ecology: two sides of the same coin?

Green structure and Density, Paris, oct. Paper 1996.

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Jani Paivanen

Sociologist - Researcher




Address: Helsinki University of Technology, Centre for Urban and Regional Studies,

Box 9300, FIN-02015 HUT, Finland

Telephone: ++ 358 -9 -451 4090 or 358 -400 -560626


Qualifications : Master of Social Sciences - Sociology, Social Philosophy and Ethics

Languages: Finnish, English (fluent), Swedish (fluent), French (working knowledge), Spanish (working knowledge), some Italian and Czech


Present research projects:

* Infilling and Complementary Building as a Socio-Cultural Question, part of the

Academy of Finland Research Programme on Ecological Construction. - My sub project:

Urban Compaction as a Sociological Issue.

* Developing Single Family House Areas in the Regional Planning Strategies. A study of peripheral and semi-peripheral single family house areas as a special type of community.

Other recent research:

* How Do You Address Yourself? A research project on the differentiation of residential areas.

My sub projects: 1) A case study on the meanings and marketing of different kinds of housing districts. 2) A case study on people's preferences and on the regionalisation of Helsinki. January - April 1997.

* Academy of Finland project "Cities of the Mind. Perception and Categorization in the Urban Environment", May - August 1992 and November 1994 - March 1995.

* Road Experience, Road Construction and Art. An interview-based research project on the aesthetisization of highways as perceived by road users.

Some recent related publications - in Finnish:

*The Efficient Helsinki - Yesterday and Tomorrow.

*Sociological Questions Concerning Urban Compaction. (to be published in Autumn 1998)

*The South Coast of Espoo as a Real Estate Product. In: How Do You Address

Yourself? Spatial Differentiation in the Helsinki Region. The Helsinki Metropolitan Council,

publ. B 1997: 2, Helsinki.

* Nummela, a Village Turned Suburb. In: How Do You Address Yourself?

* A Wide Nature, a Dense City? Yhteiskuntasuunnittelu/ The Finnish Journal of Urban Studies.

* The Road as a Construction, an Experience, and Art. Finnish Road Administration,

publication 16/1997.

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Inger-Lise Saglie

Research Manager, Architect and Urban Designer



Address: Norwegian Institute for Urban and Regional Research. P.O.Box 44, Blindern, N-0313 Oslo, Norway

Telephone: 47 22 95 88 00 Fax: + 47 22 60 77 74Inger-Lise Saglie

Research Manager, Architect and

Qualifications: Architecture and Urban Design, PhD candidate

Languages: Norwegian (also Swedish, Danish), English (fluently), German (working knowledge), French (elementary)


Work experience: 22 years of which 6 with Norwegian Institute for Urban and Regional Research


Present research::

* an investigation of the way in which protection of biological diversity is handled in Norwegian Municipal Master Planning. This is a collaborative study between the Norwegian Institute for Urban and Regional Research and the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research. The study is commissioned by the Norwegian Directorate for Nature Management.

* densification processes in cities

* environmental concerns in planning

* functioning of the planning legislation and planning agencies in the Norwegian as well as the European context

* municipal planning and the protection of biological diversity

* implementing a compact city model as a means of obtaining a sustainable urban development


Some previous research:

* architectural research: theory and methods

* the concept of dwelling and housing for the elderly

* design of kindergartens (iv) dwellings for the mentally retarded

* accessibility for the disabled.


Some recent related publications:

* Environmental Considerations in Physical Planning under Different Conditions. A Comparison of a Polish and a Norwegian Municipality. In press: in Scandinavian Housing & Planning Research Co-authors: Petter Naess, Wiktor Glowacki, Halina Dunin-Woyseth.

* Urban Expansion in Norway - Development by Plan? Scandinavian Housing & Planning Research 14, pp. 51-70 1997. Co-author: Synnve Lyssand Sandberg.

* Serviced Flats - an Alternative to Institutions in The Care of the Elderly,

Scandinavian Housing and Planning Research 9 pp. 149-163, 1992 Co-author: Grete Bull.


Other relevant articles and reports in Norwegian:

* Oslo: Preserving Nature While Increasing Densities Within the City - Jornal dos Arquitectos 178/179, 1998 pp.16-18.

* Densification in Oslo. Regionale trender. 2/94. pp. 32-43.

* Densification in Existing Residential Areas. Byggekunst 4/78 Co-author: Terje Skjeggedal.

*Some European Planning Systems. Co-ordination, Regional planning, Biological diversity, Densification, NIBR-Working Paper 1998:103. Co-author: Kari Husab.

* Densification of Housing in Oslo. Impacts on the Green Structure, Residential Quality, and Architecture. NIBR-Report 1997:13. Co-authors: Jon Guttu, Signe Nyhuus, Anne Karine Halvorsen ThorÈn.

* Densification of Housing in Skien. Impacts on the Green Structure, Residential Quality, and Architecture. NIBR-Report 1997:14. Co-authors: Jon Guttu, Signe Nyhuus, Anne Karine Halvorsen ThorÈn.

* Environmental Considerations in Physical Planning in Norway and Poland. NIBR-report 1997:6.Co-authors: Petter Naess, Wiktor Glowacki, Halina Dunin-Woyseth.

* We Stand by the Plan. Urban Expansion and Planning in Sandefjord 1961-1993. NIBR-report 1996:14. Co-author: Synn¯ve Lyssand Sandberg.

* Urban Expansion in Elverum 1964-1990. NIBR-report 1996:7. Co-author: Synnve Lyssand Sandberg.

* Built-up Areas in Norway. Land per Inhabitants 1970-1990 in 22 Norwegian Built-up Areas. NIBR-Report 1995:3. Co-author: Synnve Lyssand Larsen.

* Densification and Urban Renewal. Paper for the ECE Conference in Vienna on Urban Renewal 1994. Published in the Proceeedings from the Conference.

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Marleen van den Top

Researcher Public Administration and Ecology



Address: Institute for Forestry and Nature Research, Postbus 23, 6700 AA Wageningen, The Netherlands

Telephone: +31 (0)317-477876


Qualifications: MA in Public Administration - including Environmental Science and Communication Strategies

Languages: Dutch, English (good), French (good), German (working knowledge)


Present research:

* planning instruments in policy-development

* evaluation in the field of forestry, nature and urban environment

* developments in the field of public administration and related fields


Previous work experience:

Policy Assistant (Environmental issues),European Delegation, Dutch Labour Party (PvdA) Brussels, Belgium, advisor to a Member of the European Parliament on environmental issues (a.o. CITES, Habitat- en Birds Directives, Forests, Biotechnology and consequences on biodiversity, Climate Change, Convention on Biological Diversity, Environmental Impact Assessments, Trade and Environment). Research Associate, Department of Agricultural Extension Science, Wageningen Agricultural University. Trainer/Technical Advisor, Antique Integrated Area Development Foundation, Antique, Philippines.


* Incentives and Obstacles to the Implementation of more Sustainable Methods in Agriculture in Denmark, the Netherlands and Spain.

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Elisabet Lundgren Alm

Researcher - PhD candidate


Address: Department of Urban Design and Planning, Chalmers University of

Technology, 412 96 Göteborg, Sweden

Telephone: +46 31 7722434


Qualifications: Master of Landscape Architecture

Present research projects:

* Understanding the urban landscape. The urban green structure - how can it be understood and used?

* Developing methods for comparative studies of green structure in European cities. (in co-operation with the research Network for Urban density and Green Structure).


Related publications:

*Lundgren, E. (1995) "Det gröna i staden". Göteborg.

*Lundgren Alm, E. (1996). "Stadsgrönskan - integrerat eller separerat stadsbyggnadselement? Göteborg.(licentiate treatise)

*Lundgren Alm, E. (in prep). "Understanding the Urban Landscape. The urban green structure - how can it be understood and used? Case studies in Göteborg."

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Mats Gyllin

Researcher - PhD candidate



Address: PO Box 58, S-230 53 Alnarp, Sweden

Telephone: +46 40 415410



Qualifications: Biology (plant ecology), University of Lund


Present research projects: Green structure and development of urban environment (specifically urban biodiversity).


Other related research projects :

* Stormwater management as a way of creating wetland in urban areas - a case study.

* The urban edge project (introduction of "natural" plant species in urban park edge zones).

* Vegetation-adapted roadside management.


Recent related publications: (most of them are in Swedish; these are the ones translated into English):

* Hammer, M. & Gyllin, M. 1995. The Toftans Wetland Park - Experiences from a multi-functional solution to onsite management of stormwater in urban park environment. XVI-Ith IFPRA World Congress. Poster.

* Hammer, M. & Gyllin, M. 1995. The Urban Edge Project and Approaches to species enrichment in urban edge zones. XVIIth IFPRA World Congress. Poster.


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Karl Lovkvist

Researcher - PhD candidate




Address: PO Box 58, S-230 53 Alnarp, Sweden

Telephone: +46 40 415410


Qualifications: Landscape Architect (M.Sc.)

Present research projects:

* Green Structure and Development of Urban Environment: Identity functions.


Other research projects:

* The Industrial City Changes Identity - Case study in Malmo, Sweden, in co-operation with different departments, mainly at the University of Lund, Sweden.


Related publication: (in Swedish)


* Helsingborgs Town 1995: Helsingborgs Green Structure in the central area (praktikarbete).

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