Developing a community level Environmental Plan to aid in drawing up a Local Agenda 21

Aims & Objectives

Case study: Stocksbridge, Sheffield, UK

This is an interim progress report on a community project which has been underway in 1998.

MAP21 Ltd is attempting, through a local case study in one of Sheffield's districts, to develop and test a simple straightforward methodology whereby local community groups (using local volunteers and people employed by community action groups) can become involved in producing their own local Environmental Plan.

The study forms part of the research being undertaken by the European Network on Greenspace and Density.

In the case study reported here the aims, objectives and strategies of the city's Unitary Development Plan have been taken as the starting point. However, the approach in this case study then uses the local knowledge in the community and observations by a variety of interested parties, to develop a greater understanding of local issues within the District.

A local information system has been started (webpages & GIS) - so that the community can access all the data as they gradually develop a locally applicable approach to environmental and sustainability issues.

The intention of the study is that gathering the data for such a plan should itself aid in identifying the major local issues and so allow the community to draw up an effective local Environmental Plan.

Such an Environmental Plan will allow local people to deal more effectively with Local Agenda 21 issues, give them a means of prioritizing local actions to meet Agenda 21 and enable them to provide the information necessary for seeking access to local, regional or national funding schemes.

Paper by Anne R. Beer

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August 1998

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