Communication in Urban Planning

Proceedings of the Conference of the Urban Density and Green Structure, European Research Network held in Gothenburg, Sweden

2 - 5 October, 1999


New members from practice, government offices as well as academia are welcome to join our group of researchers. Although we are a European group we are also interested in contact with researchers from any country who have expertise in our area of interest.
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Our next meeting is in Helsinki in June 2000 - contact Prof. Kimmo Lapintie in Helsinki for details.

This will be followed by a workshop late in 2000 (date to be fixed) on the subject of "Greenways" as they relate to maximising the potential of the a City's Green Structure to enhance Sustainability. In relation to the subject of this meeting, we are seeking new members interested in exploring the relevance of our approach in relation to southern european or other "sunbelt" cities.
If you are interested in this topic please contact
Prof. Anne Beer in Sheffield for details.

Communication in
Urban Planning

Göteborg Conference Papers - Oct 1999

Workshops for Environmental Innovations (Eijk et al)

Communication and Urban Green (Lindholm)

Integrating Biodiversity (Gyllin)

User participation in Public Park Administration (Delshammer)

Making Outdoor Places for Children (Kylin)

The Home Street (Staffans)

Identification of ecological potentials (Guldager et al)

Evaluation and Dialogue (Sager)

A Communicative Planning Methodology (Stromberg)

Rationality Revisited (Lapintie)

Planning deconstructed and rebuilt as discourse analyses


"Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent"





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European Research Network - Urban density and Green Structure

Proceedings of the Gothenburg Conference:
Communication in Urban Planning - Oct 1999

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This website site presents a part of the recent research undertaken by members of the European Network on Urban Density and Green Structure. The group's interests are wide ranging but relate to the concepts of ecological sustainability as they impinge on the planning and management of the urban environment - all urban environmental issues with a green dimension are considered. The european research network on urban density urban and green structure also deals with the social, economic and cultural aspects of urban life as well as the physical (abiotic) and natural (biotic)environmental aspects of cities in particular as they relate to the presence of greenspace in cities. All aspects of green in cities are considered, for example- planning and regenerating housing developments, industrial areas, parks and other recreation areas. Issues such as children's play around the home environment and in school yards are considered as tackling the problems of reversing the decline in biodiversity, developing user participation techniques to encourage involvement in developing an ecologically sustainable approach to planning the green areas of the city. Developing theories to support the improved use by the planning process of the potential of the green structure of cities to improve the quality of life in cities through applying the principles of ecological sustainability are a crucial part of the groups work.