Communicating Urban Growth and Green

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Assessment of Planning Concepts and Policy Instruments for Sustainable Development of the Urban Landscape

Houten, Utrecht (NL)

Cergy Pontoise, Paris (France)

Tampere, Helsinki (Finland)

Gothenburg (Sweden)

Aarhus (Denmark)


DURATION: 39 MONTHS (start March 2000)



Alterra - "Green World Research" (formerly -the Dutch Government Institute for Forestry and Nature Research, Wageningen, The Netherlands)

contact person -
Marleen van den Top, Alterra



Centre for Urban and Regional Studies YTK, Helsinki University of Technology
Helsinki, Finland

Danish Building Research Institute, SBI, Hoersholm, Denmark

School of Architecture, Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden.

FORS Recherche Sociale, Paris, France

Reports on the progress of this research will be posted regularly on internet - visit this page for the internet address in Summer 2000.



Balancing growth and green is often seen as a competition between urban development and protection. However, experiences show that a spatial structure of multi-functional urban green areas may contribute significantly to sustainable economic and ecological development and to the quality of urban life. This research is concerned with planning concepts and policy instruments for integrated urban planning and management. The focus is on approaches to governance built upon participatory decision making and communication between government at different levels and other actors at the local level. The project involves the generation of theoretical hypotheses, a GIS procedure to prepare maps and databases, case studies to confront theory and practice and a stage of recommendations. The study will include stakeholders from cities in the 5 countries. The outcome will be a toolkit of planning concepts and policy instruments.


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4-6 June 2000


EU Research Contract
Communicating Urban Growth and Green


Case Study Cities




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European Research Network - Urban density and Green Structure

Proceedings of the Gothenburg Conference:
Communication in Urban Planning - Oct 1999

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