This map of the Stocksbridge district of Sheffield illustrates the extent of unsealed and open surfaces
in an area of mid 20th century development. It is the first phase of a long term project to map the greenstructure of Sheffield.

Most of the development is post 1930 - typically semi-detached housing or small terraces
This became the norm for development outside the city core in England during the mid and late 20th Century.

All this greenspace has a potential to support vegetation and therefore wildlife and to enhance local Biodiversity
but much is just mown lawn and of little value at present.

A full habitat study has taken place of all the official open spaces - this is at present being put into a GIS
Greenspace Management in Stocksbridge presentation by Marius Menz

Data has been gathered on the housing areas and this is also being added to the GIS. The intention
is that this data aids the development of a long term greenstructure strategy for this arrea of Sheffield

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