Greenspace Planning Theory

Aspects of the link between urban nature and city planning in northern European Countries
© Anne Beer, 2000, Environmental Planner, Professor Emeritus, University of Sheffield

Greenspace Policies - some information about various european countries

Greenspace planning practice

An example - developing and Urban Greenstructure Plan - Overvecht, Utrecht, Netherlands - ongoing urban greenspace planning study - early stages reported here. Regeneration of an area of 30,000 people built in 1960's
© Map21Ltd and City of Utrecht, 2001

Benefits of Nature in Cities - paper prepared for the Overvecht study

An example - Greenspace Map- The Stocksbridge District, Sheffield (data to be added soon from the GIS)

Website of the EU COST C11 research team - Greenstructures and Urban Planning

© A.R.Beer, 19 may 2002

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